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Purchasing Defensive Publishing Vouchers

This page describes how to purchase Defensive Publishing and Page Print Vouchers. One or more Publishing Vouchers are required for each disclosure published in the Prior Art Database (PAD). To learn more about the features and benefits of defensive publishing, click here.

Defensive Publishing Prior Art Database (PAD)

Purchase Vouchers is a feature that is controlled by your account rights. If Purchase Vouchers does not appear in your software and you are interested in utilizing this feature, please contact your administrator or reach out to our Support Team.

Types of Publishing Vouchers

There are two types of publishing vouchers: Publishing and Page Print. The vouchers are good for a minimum of 1 year after purchase.

  • Publishing Vouchers allow you to publish and download the document on-line in PAD, reproduce an electronic version on optical media, and print the standard listing on paper in The IP.com Journal. The standard listing in The IP.com Journal includes the document title, abstract, and bibliographic information. An electronic reproduction of your disclosure on optical media includes one or more CD/DVD disks containing each complete disclosure along with its digital notarization record, if applicable.
  • Page Print Vouchers allow you to publish the full text of the document in The IP.com Journal. A Page Print Voucher is required for every page printed in the Journal. The number of pages is identified during the publishing process. This paper printing is in addition to the standard Journal services included with a Publishing Voucher.

Access Defensive Publishing to Purchase Vouchers

Publishing and Page Print Vouchers can be purchased on-line. First navigate to Defensive Publishing to check your available vouchers, then access our eCommerce site as described below:

1 To switch between PAD publishing and searching while signed-in, select Launch App from the top navigational toolbar. You can also navigate to your available applications from your Account menu located in the upper right corner.

2 To check available vouchers, select Dashboard from Defensive Publishing. The Voucher Summary displays your available vouchers.

3 To purchase vouchers, click Add More located in the upper right corner in most sections of the Defensive Publishing pages. You can also select Purchase Vouchers from the left sidebar.
PAD Publishing 1 v2.7

4 At any time while using Defensive Publishing or PAD, you can contact support or submit feedback by clicking the PAD Publishing 7 2.1 text bubble in the lower right-hand corner of your screen. You will receive an email confirmation of your request. Our customer Support Team responds to most messages within one business day.

Purchase Vouchers

The Purchase Vouchers page allows you to make a purchase on-line using a credit card or a PayPal account. An email is generated after you purchase a voucher to confirm your purchase. In addition, vouchers can be purchased at a corporate rate through our IP.com Sales Team, please Contact Us.

If you can't find the email, please check your spam or junk email folder.

PAD Publishing 9 v 2.2

For Publishing Vouchers, the cost structure is based on the number of pages and size from the uploaded primary document and attachments. For a service bundle, please contact Sales at IP.com for corporate rates.

Publishing Vouchers Pages (primary document) Upload Size* (MB)
1 up to 25 up to 50
2 up to 100 up to 200
3 up to 250 up to 500
4 up to 500 up to 1000
Contact IP.com Sales >500 >1 GB

*Includes primary document and any attachment

One Page Print Voucher is required for each printable page of your primary disclosure file.

For further information on publishing, click on the link How to Publish a Disclosure.

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Last Updated: October 1, 2023
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