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Searching PAD Using Concepts

This page describes how you can easily search the IP.com Prior Art Database (PAD) to find publications by using a Concept Search. To learn more about the features and benefits of defensive publishing, click here.

Defensive Publishing Prior Art Database (PAD)

For a Concept Search, enter a publication number, phrases, or sentences using natural language in English. You can optionally enter a date range and select a publishing source for your Prior Art Data search.

1 To search documents by using the concept search facility, select Concept Search from the Type of Search drop-down.

2 To start a search, enter only plain text; embedded links, HTML, or other markup languages are not allowed. For the best results we recommend using a few complete sentences to explain the concept you are searching for. This is because our proprietary Semantic Gist technology focuses on concepts and not keywords. Your results improve as more meaningful text is entered. This text can also be copy/pasted from a technical disclosure, patent application or any other document.

3 To search for documents within a specific date range, click Advanced Search. From the Dates drop-down, select either IP.com Publication Date or Original Publication Date, and then select Date Range to enter the From and To dates or select from the list of Quick Dates.

4 To limit the publishing source, click Advanced Search and from the Publishing Source dropdown, select from the list of sources.

5 To limit your search by chemical structures, click Advanced Search and then below Chemical Structures, check the Required field.

PAD Search 9 v2.1

Use the Results

Once you click Search, the results display in a grid. To learn more about displaying the results, previewing a publication, downloading a publication, and other features, click on the link Searching the Prior Art Database.

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Last Updated: October 1, 2023
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