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Downloading Publications from the Prior Art Database (PAD)

This page describes the process to download publications while searching the Prior Art Database (PAD). To learn more about the features and benefits of defensive publishing, click here.

Defensive Publishing Prior Art Database (PAD)

Download a Document

To download a document, you may need to purchase a voucher. You are authorized to download the document for free if you or someone from your company published the disclosure or with a subscription to InnovationQ+. Once signed in with your IP.com account, the system will identify whether you are required to use a voucher. To purchase a download voucher, please reach out to our sales team, visit Contact Us.

Access Document Download

To access your download options, select a document from the results grid and the preview displays. From the preview panel, click the download icon, PAD Search 6 v1.0 , located below the front page image.

PAD Search 3 v1.1

Download from InnovationQ+

While searching the Prior Art Database, you are entitled to download a document for free if you are logged in with your InnovationQ+ account. By downloading from InnovationQ+, you are redirected to the document preview window where you can select Download from the Document Actions drop-down located on the right-hand side.

Download Payment Options

You do not have to sign in with an account to access the Prior Art Database. The following options are available for downloading a document:

  • The system will prompt you to sign in with your IP.com account and your download options will be displayed. By signing in with a registered IP.com account, you may have unused vouchers available for downloading a document.
  • To download the full publication in PDF or ZIP format, you can pay using your PayPal account or credit card.
  • To download the full publication in PDF or ZIP format, you can enter the download access code you received in your original email receipt.

If you can't find the email, please check your spam or junk email folder.

Download Formats

You can download the primary document in PDF Format, create a ZIP file, and download a TSO file.

  • The PDF Format is a representative PDF of the primary file.
  • The ZIP Format includes the primary file, packaged metadata, and attachments. The primary file is renamed to 1_primary.pdf while the attachment names remain the same as originally uploaded.
  • The TSO Format is a type of envelope created by AbsoluteProof Viewer. This container includes the primary file with attachments and a corresponding time-stamped seal using Surety’s AbsoluteProof Service to protect the integrity of the publication. You can validate the publication submitted to IP.com and download the ZIP file sealed by Surety, LLC. (available from the Prior Art Database)

Consider avoiding the use of your personal email account to download publications. For further information on signing in with a registered account, click on the link Registering an IP.com Account and Accessing Solutions.

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Downloading Publications from the Prior Art Database (PAD)
Last Updated: June 25, 2023
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