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InnovationQ+ System Requirements

For best results, we recommend that you use our supported browsers and suggested minimum screen resolution when using InnovationQ+. This article explains that you can use one computer or browser at a time per InnovationQ+ account and includes a troubleshooting section.

Supported Client Web Browsers

The most recent versions of the following desktop browsers are supported:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Edge (based on Chromium)
    • Note: Microsoft Edge Legacy (EdgeHTML-based) is no longer supported

Screen Resolution

  • Minimal window width: 1320px
  • Minimal window height: 768px

Note: Non-default zoom levels are not fully supported and thus not recommended. If you come across any user experience issues, please switch the zoom level back to 100% in order to resolve them.

Single Session per User Account Concurrency Enforcement

You are allowed to be signed in to InnovationQ+ on one computer or browser at a time. If you sign in with the same user account on another computer/browser, the system automatically signs you out from the first computer/browser and displays the message “FYI, we signed you out on your other computer/browser. If you only use one device, please change your password as it may have been compromised.”


  • To ensure complete functionality, we recommend whitelisting IP.com in any browser extensions which may block or alter certain JavaScript actions, such as ad blocking software. We can assure you that InnovationQ+ does not serve advertisements. For example, InnovationQ+ displays the Heat Map using Highcharts which may be blocked by your Adblock Plus software. From settings, you can add a list of URL websites to the whitelist. Whitelist these websites: portal.ip.com, iq.ip.com, and kb.ip.com
  • If you experience intermittent network connectivity issues, please contact our support staff and we’ll work with you to help resolve the problem. For further information, click on the link Support and Feedback.
  • If your account permissions have changed or you can’t log in after you’ve activated your account, we recommend you log out and clear your cache.
Updated on June 25, 2023

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